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Darkwood Dub live @ Aquarius

Posted on 14/03/2010 by RollOver Beethoven

Darkwood Dub are an art rock/electro rock band from Belgrade, Serbia, named after an imaginary forest Darkwood from the Italian comic book Zagor. Darkwood Dub was formed in 1988, and gradually grew to prominence, and even iconic status, in the Serbian rock scene. Their music is characterized by gentle bass lines, a mixture of live drumming and electronic percussion, along with frequent use of slide guitar, synthesizers and samplers. The succinct and introspective lyrics are also a prominent feature, sung with offbeat vocal of Dejan Vučetić, the band’s frontman and lyricist. Today, Darkwood Dub are one of the most relevant rock bands in Serbia, and for the last 10 years, they have been touring regularly throughout former Yugoslavian countries, and Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, as well. Darkwood Dub were recently nominated for the Best Regional Act at the MTV European Awards 2009.

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