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Trip To Zion 5th birthday – Interlope interview

Posted on 24/03/2010 by Mochwara-TeeVee

Interlope (Expressillon/Jarring effect, France) is a French duet made up of RIMSHOT and DRAGONGAZ which produce each piece breakbeat (downtempo, magnet, jungle, teak).

When they meet at the Hpital Ephmre (Paris, France) in 97, RIMSHOT aka Greg.H is then a drumer/samplor within group LTNO (naive) and DRAGONGAZ aka Chris B. is member of two duets: Psazone (which produces several tracks on label NOTEK), and SOUNDS LIKE PISTOLS (live drum/sampler).

This video was recorded at Mochvara as part of Trip to Zion’s 5th anniversary.

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