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Pitch Black live concert from Aquarius, Zagreb

Posted on 01/11/2009 by Transmeet-BPM

Pitch Black’s first show was on New Year’s Eve 1997 at the annual Gathering Festival since when they have released 4 studio albums and 4 collections of remixes. Although classed as an electronica band Pitch Black cannot be boxed into just a single audio genre. Their debut album Futureproof released in September 1999 rose to the top of the New Zealand electronic charts despite no marketing or advertising. Their second album Electronomicon followed in August 2000 and led to a sell out 30date tour of New Zealand and Australia. Both albums spawned remix projects featuring mixes by local luminaries such as International Observer Epsilon Blue and Downtown Brown. Their third album Ape to Angel released in New Zealand on October 4 2004 gained critical acclaim. The Ape to Angel tour was the biggest to date with 42 shows across the world including their debut performances in America. The remixes of this came out in New Zealand and Australia under the name Halfway: between Ape and Angel and in Europe and America as Frequencies Fall. Their last studio album was Rude Mechanicals released in 2007: it came out on the band’s own label Remote Recordings in Australia and New Zealand on the Wakyo label in Japan and on Dubmission Records elsewhere in the world. The remixes of this album are coming out as Rhythm Sound and Movement in May 2009. Pitch Black songs have been used on a variety of international film and media such as CSI: Miami. Also they have worked with Metia Interactive’s Cube game for the PlayStation Portable designing sound and contributing music.

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