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Sick of it all Death Or Jail LIVE @ Močvara Zagreb

Posted on 11/04/2011 by Mochwara-TeeVee

Formed during 1986 in Queens, the band released their first selftitled EP on Revelation Records and began to accumulate a strong local following by playing famous clubs like CBGBs (‘A Month Of Sundays’ actually pays tribute to these glorious days at this legendary venue). Soon after, the band released their first fulllength record ‘Blood Sweat And No Tears’ on InEffect Records. Often revolving around politics, social injustices and life on the streets of New York, the band wore their heart on their sleeve and made no apologies, often including threads of positivity. When their second album ‘Just Look Around’ was released in 1992, it was a benchmark for the band and the New York hardcore scene, and kicked off their globetrotting expansion with tours in Europe, South America and Japan.

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