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Springfestival – The perfect spring break

Posted on 08/06/2010 by Transmeet-BPM

In 2001, a new era began. And among other things, it gave us springfestival, the biggest Austrian festival for electronic music and art.
The Noughties have seen springfestival evolve from a small local bash into a global forerunner of clubture a meeting place for musicians, genres and clubbers alike. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, springfestival is ready to take on the new decade bigger and better than ever.
The festival takes place in Graz, the 2nd largest city in Austria. Nestled around a lush green hill and a sparkly river, it combines Old World / Middle European charm with cuttingedge architectural feats in a most delightful way. Cobbled streets wind their way around quirky houses of the Old City centre, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, only to arrive to mindboggling gravitydefying futuristic structures, built when Graz was Cultural Capital of Europe in 2003. Throw in cozy cafes, gorgeous parks and cheap shopping, and you get a city that is both cosmopolitan and intimate, tailored to the exacting demands of the 21st century urbanite.

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