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Banana Zvuk je splitski sondsystem koji širi ljubav prema svim oblicima roots glazbe. Svojim stvaranjem podupiru i odzvanjaju s ritmovima od reggaea, hip-hopa, dancehalla, junglea do različitih mashupova. Nastupaju sa žestokim bass durom i s divljim MC- ima. U nekoliko godina rada povezali su se i radili sa svim soundsystemima u skoro svim klubovima i festivalima u zemlji, a zaslužni su za vrhunsku zabavu te protezanje pozitivne energije kroz vaše (i naše) uši.

Bamwise – Running out of time

‘Dabasti’ Bamwise na posljednjem ovosezonskom MIMO tulumu.

Hrvatski radio i udruga Vibra proljetnim ciklusom od 8 koncerata u Muzeju suvremene umjetnosti otvaraju vrata medijskog prostora za 16 domaćih izvođača.

Zvuk Bamwisea inspiriran je  jamajkanskim dubom i reggaeom, ali doveden na novi nivo kombinacijom različitih elemenata moderne elektronske glazbe. Bamwise je kombinacija 4 klavijature, bubnja, perkusija, basa, vokala, pregršt efekata, video projekcije i naravno ideje o inspiriranju ljudi da slušaju, misle i djeluju.

Antenat ponovo u Ksetu, 14.lipnja!

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Ovaj tjedan, u petak 14.06., Antenat će zapaliti zagrebački klub KSET cjelovečernjim koncertom, s predgrupom Genetic Plant iz zagrebačkog kvarta Špansko, iz kojeg je prije 16 godina i sam Antenat krenuo u osvajanje umjetničkog svijeta!

Metastaz dub electro audio visual experience in KSET, Zagreb

Transmeet.Tv would like to send special thanks to Fani Mlouis for helping us in production of this video with her visual art.

As an activist evolving in Lyon’s dub scene for the eight past years, Thomas Simoes aka METASTAZ , combines ethnic inspirations and skillful beats, breaking the frontiers between musical genres. His music draws a captivating dub electro world in which blended tones and urban influences intermix, then fuse. It’s easy to see how much the mind of this young inspired artist is always seeking for new tunes since he first started to fiddle with keyboards. He experiments through hundreds of sleepless nights : 3 released albums (ParisDubAct PDA Libre comme l’air LCL), the creation of the net label Tazart, and prolific collaborations with dubbists and many artists from Lyon and abroad (Fumuj, Blurum 13…) This exalted and taking forthcoming opus , Orient Dub Express appears like a tread, a musical road trip, from a continent to another, from Sao Paulo to India. The story of this new sound escapism is pictured through electronic hiphop, saturated guitars and cinematic atmospheres.

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill Sunny interview @ KSET

Tena interviews Swiss dub band Dub Spencer Trance Hill before their Zagreb gig.

Channel One Sound System @ 8th Seasplash Festival

In 1979, Mikey Dread and his brother Jah T began to play at blues parties and local dances having spent many years under the watchful eye of their father, owner operator of the famous Admiral Bailey Sound. They chose the name Channel One in homage to the legendary Jamaican record label of the same name whose tunes featured heavily in those early selections. Inspired by Bob Marleys belief in uniting people through reggae music, Mikey was keen to introduce new people to dub reggae music and started touring around universities, where he secured a solid fan base.

Channel Ones mission is to break down barriers via reggae music, they have achieved this by playing new venues, new festivals and different countries, taking their unique sound to Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey and all over Europe. Channel One also celebrated 28 consecutive years at the Notting Hill Carnival making them one of the must see soundsystems for attendees to Europes biggest street festival.

2009 saw Channel One embark on their hugely successful national Dub to Dubstep Tour, with financial backing from the Arts Council, via Blackroutes and support from Punch and Vagabondz. Channel One took their sound system to 6 cities, touring alongside Kromestar, RSD and Jazzsteppa, showcasing their dub reggae sound system as part of the tangible heritage behind dubstep.

Channel One Sound Systems hand built custom speaker stacks provide a rich heavyweight bass sound which compliments their tight selection of old and new dub reggae classics, all played from a single vinyl deck and accented with echos and sirens. MC Ras Kayleb compliments Mikeys deep draws with Rastafarian chants and song.