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Transmeeters list (contributing channels)

roll over beethoven3-01

There’s nothing like good old R’N’R that can get you moving. Indie, progressive, modern, retro, hard, watteva…. Just good music.


Tired of the mainstream? Then check out AlterNation! Based around the alternative way of thinking this channel is full of content that doesn’t fit in standard drawer.


Jah Bless! Reggae and Dub sounds comin’ to ya on Youth of Zion Channel. Rasta vibes.

Culture Vulture-01

Culture Vulture brings you all the stuff about movies, street art, theater or maybe an art exhibition. Everything related to urban and modern culture goes here.


MIMO – Medijski Inventar Muzičkih Originala – predstavlja kvalitetnu, autentičnu i originalnu glazbu, marljivo stvaranu mimo etera, sa zadaćom upoznavanja šire javnosti s vlastitim kulturnim bogatstvom i raznolikošću glazbene scene u Hrvatskoj.

golden axe4-01

Definition of AXE [a musical instrument used in popular music or jazz, especially a guitar or a saxophone]. Golden Axe is all about jazz and blues music.


Transmeet.Tv BPM is your number one source for electronica videos…Watch everything from drum’n’bass, trance, techno, electro, house, only on Transmeet.Tv


Odličan glazbeni program, strani i domaći bendovi, dj gostovanja, non-stop party zone, radionice i predavanja, izložbe i performansi, kampiranje, zabavni sadržaji, ekologija, kupanje, sunce i more… jednom rječju Terraneo,glazbeni festival koji pruža tjedan dana nezaboravnog ljetovanja i zabave!


Genious video and animation works of art from all around the world


We looove design. We breathe design. We live design.
Everything design related goes in here.


JabbaTon channel by Jabba Crew. Samo jedna je Jabba sve je ostalo varka…


The long lasting Croatian summer open airdance & lifestyle festival presenting the best of regional and worldwide artists!


Genious of sound presents music artist all around the world in their best appearance and skill. Watch all sorts of music here.


The Ultimate regional Hip Hop Blog! Videos, interviews, street art and beats.


Project Multikultura deals with the phenomena of cultural diversity the existence of many cultures or multi cultures. In the project Multikultura we aim to study culture in a wide social context and to act against misconceptions and biases towards dissimilarity by portraying specific cultures in a multidimensional and multimedia program.


Purgeraj is a legendary club from Zagreb Croatia and here you can watch various videos of performing artists and shows


SCs cultural programme presents its various musical theatre festival and other performing activities.


This channel is here to educate. Ecology, mind expansion, Gea friendship….


A video channel from one of the legendary Zagreb venues Mochwara


metalHead is a Transmeet.tv channel for your heaviest riffs and beats. The channel features all sorts of metal and HC sub genres


OFF Tv live je zajednicki projekt Transmeet TVa KSETa i OFF produkcije


StoryTellers is a new multimedia program in club Purgeraj. The goal is to present musical stories from musicians via interview and their DJ set.

Madia men-01-01

New media. Communications. Everything about the hype that surrounds us.

Rhymez Essential-01

Hip-hop, RNB, beat boxing, modern dance…. The power of word and the power of modern moving.