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Vincent: Tim Burton Short Animation from 1982

Posted on 10/06/2010 by Video&Animation Art Selection

Before he was a big time film maker, Tim Burton started his career as an animator for Disney. During his time at Disney, he made several animated short films. One of his most well known shorts was his stopmotion animated short film,Vincent (1982). Vincent is based on a poem Tim Burton wrote in ode to his idol, horror movie actor and icon, Vincent Price (who also narrates throughout the film). Vincent is the story about a boy named Vincent Malloy who likes to pretends he’s Vincent Price. Using elements from Price’s recent films, German Expressionism, and references to Edgar Allen Poe, this short film would be one of the working foregrounds for Tim Burton’s later films (most knownly, The Nightmare Before Christmas). This short film can also be found on the special edition DVD of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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