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Zoran Predin & Gipsy Swing Band LIVE in concert + interview

Posted on 25/12/2009 by Purgeraj Klub

Zoran Predin is a renowned Slovenian musician, poet and songwriter.
He is famous for his exceptional music, featured in a number of Slovenian films,
television serials and theatre performances, countless lyrics which have almost become folk songs, and unforgettable chansons.

His music career begun in 1979 when he formed rock band and unloaded all his cynicism, sarcasm and flair for parody on its shoulders with the name Lačni Franz (Hungry Franz).

Zoran Predin continued solo career after the Franz disbanded in 90’s and nowdays is performing with his Gipsy Swing Band. How day sound like and what did he tell to Transmeet crew, find out right here!